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Matthew DePerno, who is running for Michigan attorney general, faces a criminal probe for possibly tampering with voting machines, documents say
8/8/2022 10:27 AM
Michigan"s Democratic attorney general is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate her Donald Trump-backed challenger after finding evidence linking him to a potentially criminal plot to seize and tamper with voting machines used in the 2020 election, according to a letter obtained by CNN and documents released Monday by the attorney general...Read More
New Yorker: Milley was set to excoriate Trump in unreleased resignation letter drafted after Lafayette Square photo-op
8/8/2022 11:13 AM
In the wake of then-President Donald Trump"s infamous photo-op at the height of the George Floyd protests, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley penned a lengthy and vociferous critique of Trump in a resignation letter he ultimately never sent, The New Yorker reported on Monday...Read More
Opinion: CPAC mock jail cell makes me want to cry
8/7/2022 7:30 PM
The Conservative Political Action Conference made it clear over the weekend in Texas whose side it"s on in the fight against domestic terrorism...Read More
Analysis: Trump"s grip on the GOP is still strong
8/7/2022 7:09 AM
To be or not to be, that is the question when it comes to former President Donald Trump"s potential 2024 presidential campaign....Read More
Trump wins CPAC straw poll in Dallas
8/6/2022 5:00 PM
At the Conservative Political Action Conference Texas on Saturday, former President Donald Trump overwhelmingly won an unofficial straw poll of attendees who were asked who they preferred as the Republican nominee for president in 2024...Read More
Analysis: DOJ talks with Trump lawyers a grave moment for him
8/5/2022 4:25 PM
Liz Cheney has posed the question with which America may have to wrestle for months to come: if there is evidence that ex-President Donald Trump committed crimes in seeking to overturn the 2020 election, what message will it send if he"s not charged...Read More
Legal trouble delays Trump SPAC deal
8/8/2022 9:19 AM
After facing a series of regulatory obstacles, the shell company attempting to take over former President Donald Trump"s social media platform needs to extend a looming deadline to complete the controversial deal...Read More
How Biden"s big win could have a massive impact on Americans
8/8/2022 7:19 AM
• What"s in the deal -- and what was left out • Bill won"t crush corporate profits, Goldman Sachs say...Read More
"There is one strong commonality in all the victims." Albuquerque shaken after four Muslim men are killed in separate attacks
8/8/2022 11:34 AM
• Fear permeates everyday life after attacks, mosque leader say...Read More
See new pictures of White House documents allegedly flushed by Trump
8/8/2022 9:35 AM
Newly revealed photographs reveal two occasions on which former President Donald Trump apparently flushed documents down the toilet...Read More

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